Desiccant drying
 Extrusion Line
 Cleaning Recycling and granulation
 Auxiliary Machinery
 Mixed Unit
Mixed Unit -->>Other machinery

SWP360 Plastic Crusher

SWP400 Plastic Crusher

SWP200 Plastic Crusher

GHX series of synthetic plastic granulator

SH-type plastic mixer

GSH wheel mixer

SZJ but was winding machine

SPS400 Double-Disc winding machine

ZJ series of plastic automatic feeding machine

BXL series chiller

ZJF series of plastic powder feeding machine

DTC campaign drive on the feeder

TM-imitation Penma printing machine

MKR series of films with temperature controller

SMF-39D high-speed eddy current use of Mill


CSG desiccant dryer

ZDS-round shaker

Magnetic -
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