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Desiccant drying -->>HWJG crystal-infrared drying Dehumidifier

1, infrared drying crystal research and development is Desiccant-technology products, the crystallization of a complete drying, crystal dry short time, low energy consumption, high effectiveness. And dehumidifier can reduce the rapid changes in the molecular structure of raw materials, raw materials to maintain properties.
2, drying of raw materials: PET, PLA, PC, and so on. New materials, recycling materials.
3, Crystal dry principle: The drying of plastic raw materials imported short-wave infrared radiation directly to the special properties of raw materials, raw materials from within the start warming up, rapid heating water immediately after gasification, raw materials from within the aspiration to transfer to the outside after discharge. In a short period of time to dry crystallization of the raw materials required for best results.
4, the most to preform sheet, plate, drawing the former dry desiccant


1, the original source of great power (to produce PET-400) Kg / h power consumption of about 82 km / h)

2, Crystal for about two hours, dehumidifier for about 4-5 hours.

3, after the moisture content of products desiccant 90-130 ppm.

4, after the crystallization of mixing the powder.

5, the replacement of raw materials, clean-up difficulties, clean-up time is approximately 2-3 hours.

6, covering the installation of equipment, accessories and more installation of the large amount of desiccant to be changed regularly, heaters, filters, and so on.

7, different raw materials design different.


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